Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I must have a fever...

...because I talked to the boy on the train.

And I am sick, and I look it, because my hair is a mess, my skin is dry, and my eyes are all watery. But when I saw him on the train for the first time in a month I thought nothing of going up to him at Mass Ave station's turnstiles and asking him if he played the trombone.

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jess mullen said...

this is strange, i know. but, when googling my name this morning before class i stumbled upon your blog. i am also a jess mullen from boston. and i frequent the very train you speak of. i just thought it was funny. i also blog, but its livejournal. my user name is jessmull if you'd like to look me up. some how i just think all jess mullens from boston that cruise around on the green line should unite.

haha. i'm just being silly.