Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your love life will improve if you dreamed of an avocado.

I've stepped outside myself in the last week or so, taking risks I wouldn't have taken in all walks of my life, including those risks that are the result of inactivity, like not returning the phone calls of the HR manager who took a shining to me a month or so ago. Risks aren't always smart, and I'm far too often aware of that, but sometimes they're good.

Taking on an extra source of income, and one that supports one of my passions, at that, is a huge risk. It comes with its benefits. I got to go to an avocado dinner the other night, and it was delicious (I even tasted, but did not bite, three kinds of fish - and ate duck and cactus and avocado ice cream! Risks, all, for a picky eater such as myself)!

What's wrong with an avocado dinner? Dreaming about it a week later, when you're trying to show people from work all the different dishes, and each literal dish sticks to your fingers and the checkered tablecloth, so as you try to gesture to each course, there's a clashing of plates and forks, and ceviche and guacamole spill everywhere, and everybody tries to be nice and pretend it didn't happen, but you can't stop talking about your damned avocados. And what does the dream dictionary say?

Your love life will improve if you dreamed of an avocado.

Clearly, this dream dictionary is a fraud. Why I am I dreaming about people from work, anyway? What do they have to do with avocados, in any sense? Why are the plates sticking to my fingers? Why are they being so polite? Blow up, already!

Why am I looking for an explosion?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Paris, and busy again.

I thought I would be less busy when I came home, having been certified to teach English as a foreign language (read: I have my Saturdays back!!). Not so! I'm up to something new! A few somethings, actually.

Remember when I was interviewed by one of my best friends for her MenuPages blog? I'll be writing the odd entry there now - about nine a week, in fact. So check me out there.

I'm looking for any English or French tutoring I can get my grubby paws on. Suggestions? Let me know.

In particular, I need to go back to France without delay. Preferably on a closer to permanent level. Anyone know of a school in France that would help a nice and funny American girl get her EU working papers? Let me know sooner.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

À Paris, malade.

I am in Paris. I have looked forward to this trip since November. I have the following ailments:

Conjunctivitis (in both eyes)
Sinus infection
Sore throat

Yesterday, it was just the conjunctivitis (in one eye) and sinus infection (for which I had medicine already). I drag myself to the pharmacie.

Moi: J'ai mal aux yeux.
Elle: Oui, je peux le voir.
Moi: J'ai besoin du medicin.
Elle: (En francais, bien sur) You will need this eye wash. Rinse out both eyes three times every day - you never know, the other one might be infected already. Also, apply this antibiotic to your eyes every day.
L'autre femme: Et la Baccide!
Elle: Ah oui. La Baccide est pour les mains.
Moi: Ca coute combien?
Elle: 18.60.
Moi: [Shockee, because I got OTC antibiotic and more. For so little!]

And then today, at Place Blanche...
Moi: J'ai mal de gorge. Et aux yeux, mais j'ai deja le medicin pour ca.
Elle: Vous avez difficulte avaler?
Moi: Pardon?
Elle: Avaler (makes swallowing motion).
Moi: Ah oui.
Elle: (Aussi en francais, bien sur) You will need this syrup. It will ease the swelling, and make it easier to swallow. Three tablespoons a day.
Moi: D'accord.
Elle: Avez-vous de l'aspirine?
Moi: Non?
Elle: Voici l'aspirine. Trois fois par jour.
Moi: D'accord. [Note later: this is fizzy, comes in two Airborne-like tubes, and containes vitamin C]
Elle: Et des pastilles. Merci. Au revoir.
Moi: [Shockee encore, parce que le medicin goute tres bien]

It's insane. And if I wanted to go to the doctor, it wouldn't cost much. And for the French, it wouldn't cost anything. I don't want to leave, ever.

It sucks that I'm sick on vacation in Paris, but there is probably no better place in the world to be sick.