Sunday, April 06, 2008

À Paris, malade.

I am in Paris. I have looked forward to this trip since November. I have the following ailments:

Conjunctivitis (in both eyes)
Sinus infection
Sore throat

Yesterday, it was just the conjunctivitis (in one eye) and sinus infection (for which I had medicine already). I drag myself to the pharmacie.

Moi: J'ai mal aux yeux.
Elle: Oui, je peux le voir.
Moi: J'ai besoin du medicin.
Elle: (En francais, bien sur) You will need this eye wash. Rinse out both eyes three times every day - you never know, the other one might be infected already. Also, apply this antibiotic to your eyes every day.
L'autre femme: Et la Baccide!
Elle: Ah oui. La Baccide est pour les mains.
Moi: Ca coute combien?
Elle: 18.60.
Moi: [Shockee, because I got OTC antibiotic and more. For so little!]

And then today, at Place Blanche...
Moi: J'ai mal de gorge. Et aux yeux, mais j'ai deja le medicin pour ca.
Elle: Vous avez difficulte avaler?
Moi: Pardon?
Elle: Avaler (makes swallowing motion).
Moi: Ah oui.
Elle: (Aussi en francais, bien sur) You will need this syrup. It will ease the swelling, and make it easier to swallow. Three tablespoons a day.
Moi: D'accord.
Elle: Avez-vous de l'aspirine?
Moi: Non?
Elle: Voici l'aspirine. Trois fois par jour.
Moi: D'accord. [Note later: this is fizzy, comes in two Airborne-like tubes, and containes vitamin C]
Elle: Et des pastilles. Merci. Au revoir.
Moi: [Shockee encore, parce que le medicin goute tres bien]

It's insane. And if I wanted to go to the doctor, it wouldn't cost much. And for the French, it wouldn't cost anything. I don't want to leave, ever.

It sucks that I'm sick on vacation in Paris, but there is probably no better place in the world to be sick.

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