Sunday, January 27, 2008

At least I meet somebody's requirements...

I'm on a job application kick like you wouldn't believe, and as I have had, on average, one interview per 50 jobs I've applied for (really!), I'm just going to keep applying willy-nilly until somebody offers me a job.

That said, I made the first step in applying for a flight attendant position with Delta. My favorite question was:

Are you willing to serve peanuts?



Rose said...

Are you done with the bookstore?? New jobs are very exciting!

Timothy said...

Ooh! What sort of jobs are you applying for? All local, or would you re-locate? The math I've heard is 100 applications = 20 interviews = 3 offers = 1 job. My current statistics (since submission of thesis) are more like yours, though, with 76 applications = 1 interview = perpetual unemployment. (I am technically working two jobs right now, but they both end soon and I didn't interview for either of them.)